2018 has been an absolute whirlwind!

The announcement has been made that the film will be online August 6th. After the production of Two Worlds, I was very keen on the idea of taking a break and absorbing what had happened over the years with Two Worlds, but of course….I couldn’t sit still 🙂

I had the idea of Fat Chance since I was in college around 2001-2002. It started out as a 3D art piece of these little characters battling each other to get to their ultimate goal. It was during the production of Two Worlds that I had the idea of revisiting this with hope of turning it into a story, and so the storyboard process began!

The film isn’t anywhere near Two Worlds and is quite opposite regarding the technical and visual approach. After my experience with Two Worlds, I wanted to make a simpler story to basically “get it out there”. I didn’t want to overkill on the characters dynamics and overall persona and this started a long and tedious re-write process. The original characters had arms, a bit more personal attributes like hair, accessories, etc but in the end it felt like way too much, so I pulled back on that, cleaned up each character to have a less cumbersome appeal. What I ultimately wanted was a simple, clean story, straight to the point without having to over think it.

I hope everyone enjoys it as it’s a fun film with a bit tongue in cheek element to it 🙂  https://www.fatchancefilm.com/

I want to give a personal “thanks” to Lister Rossel and J. Bryan Butta for all their hard work in putting together the sound design and music for this piece. I had the privelege of working with them on Two Worlds and couldn’t do this without them!



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